Who We Are

Yara Bean's Boutique, is a baby accessory boutique, located in Whitby, Ontario. We believe that transparency and humility are essential components to any successful venture, so allow you us to tell you a bit about how the owner of YBB, Leianne Hamilton, came to develop the business. 

"The Why"

I never really considered myself to have any entrepreneurial skill or creative ideas. But when my daughter (Yara, a.k.a. Yara Bean) developed an aggressive case of cradle cap, that caused people to constantly inquire about her hair loss and/or the condition of her scalp, I knew I had to do something. I began looking for headbands that were soft enough to rest against her tender scalp, but bold enough to capture and enhance the beauty of her personality. Unfortunately I came up short, so I decided to source and customize my own headbands, and within a few days of convos with trusted friends, family, and the man upstairs, Yara Bean's Boutique was born. An online boutique that would not only offer stylish headbands for babies, but tons of other adorable, yet affordable accessories serving both genders, such as bibs, hats, socks, and more! We hope your little loved one(s) will love wearing our pieces just as much as we loved designing and selecting them!

Happy Shopping,

The Bean Team 🦋